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About us:
After Aruba gained its official status as autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands on January 1ST, 1986, the Bureau of Intellectual Property of Aruba was instituted in 1987.
Before this date Intellectual property rights used to be handled by the Netherlands Antilles.
In 1987 The Bureau started registering only Trade- and Service marks and Copyrights. It expanded its services in 1995 with the Patent-Division. In 2004 the Bureau will institute 2 new divisions, which are “ the Industrial-Design Division ” and “ the I-Envelope division ”. The Bureau is growing. At this very moment the Bureau consists of 9 employees including the Director. 
At this moment the Bureau is still a department of the government, though the Bureau is thinking about working on its independence. The Bureau will remain though a public federal institution, but will become an independent legal entity.

Which intellectual properties can be (registered) protected in Aruba ?
As of 1987 your inventions, trademarks, service marks, and all other intellectual property, has to be registered (in Aruba) in order to be protected from unauthorized use in Aruba.

· Trademarks
After January 1ST, 1986 trademarks and service marks registered in the Netherlands Antilles were no longer protected in Aruba. For this reason, any person or company from any part of the world will have to register their trademarks en service marks at the Bureau to get protection against unauthorized use in Aruba.

 · Patents
The Netherlands Patent Office used to handle patent affairs for the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, thus including Aruba.
Since April 1ST, 1995 Aruba has its own Patent Act and its own Patent Division, within the Bureau of Intellectual Property.
The grant of a patent gives exclusive rights of use to the title bearer to exclude others from unauthorized making, using or selling the patented invention within Aruba and its territorial water during the term of the patent.

· Copyrights
The registering of copyrights at the Bureau lets the world know, for legal purposes, who owns a particular piece of work of literature, science or art. By registering in Aruba the author will obtain international protection.

 · Unfair competition
Aruba also recognizes protection against unfair competition directed against acts of competition. The protection against unfair competition supplements the protection of trademarks and inventions.

 · Can you register your trademark or patent yourself ?
If you reside in Aruba you can. If the owner of one of the above-mentioned intellectual properties is not established in Aruba, the registration can only be obtained through a  trademark or patent agent.

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